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What's new in Desktop APM

Desktop APM is productivity tracking software that tracks your performance while using your PC. The following are new features recently added to Desktop APM.

Timeline graphs

Timeline now generates graphs for selected applications. Multiple applications can be compared to find out how you performed under different situations. You can also select all (control-A) to graph your entire performance throughout the day.

Desktop APM Timeline Graph

Words per minute

Desktop APM Words Per MinutesDesktop APM tracks your typing speed and calculates your words-per-minute. The software automatically detects words by analysing keypresses that are separated by spaces. A minimum of three words separated by spaces are required for words-per-minute to engage, ensuring keypresses related to gaming or navigation do not contribute to your typing speed.

Desktop APM doesn't know the words you type, and only requires spaces to detect words. Made-up words such as 'qwqwqw' are just as accepted as real words such as 'hello'. Desktop APM does discard certain patterns that don't appear to be words, such as a series of one letter words or a series of spaces without words. The characters contained in words are never recorded, ensuring your privacy is maintained.

Timeline search

You can now search timeline for any words or characters, producing a condensed list of relative applications. Desktop APM automatically calculates total time and average APM for searched items. Items that have 0 APM are not factored into average APM, so that inactive time does not bring your average down. Selecting multiple items in Timeline also produces a sum of minutes and average APM on selected items.

Desktop APM Timeline Search

Export statistics

Export your daily statistics to spreadsheets or generate your own reports and graphs.

Desktop APM Export

Average APM, highest APM, distance mouse moved, active time, inactive time, most inactive time, total time, typing speed, keypresses and mouse clicks can all be exported.

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