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Change Log

1.16 - released 2015-11-29

New Features:
- Added Timeline graphs - clicking an application shows an extensive graph of APM by minutes
- Combine multiple graphs by holding control / shift keys and selecting Timeline applications
- Daily statistics can now be exported by clicking on the Main Menu and selecting Export
- When tracking one application, Timeline now shows multiple entries for the application when used at different times throughout the day
- Scrolling up and down with the mouse wheel now browses Timeline by default
- Reports can now be browsed by clicking mouse buttons 4 & 5 or pressing the keys '<' or '>'

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where Desktop APM would run faster after the computer had woken up from sleep
- Fixed a bug where Desktop APM would generate innacurate statistics if the computer was in sleep mode overnight
- Fixed a bug where distance mouse moved was tracked for ignored applications
- Fixed a bug where inactivity did not register in Timeline when ignoring all applications
- Fixed a bug where the top item in a search would sometimes display the APM and minutes of an application that has focus, rather than the search result
- Fixed a bug where APM could track ignored applications in the first few seconds after Desktop APM launching
- Fixed a bug where clicking on a graph bar and selecting More Info would not work if a search was in use
- Fixed a bug where Timeline sorted incorrectly if rows were sorted by APM or Minutes and a new application was added
- Fixed a bug where Timeline deleting did not work for the top line in the current day's Timeline

1.15 - released 2015-06-27

New Features:
- Added typing speed (words per minute), total keypresses, total mouse clicks and total time for each day
- Live APM can be displayed at the top of Desktop APM with a visualisation that increases speed and contrast with higher APM
- Hotspots now display the total number of clicks at each spot by hovering the mouse over the spot
- Hide statistics such as time inactive or most inactive by right-clicking on statistics in the main window
- Timeline's search can now be cancelled by clicking the X button on the right of the search bar

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where Desktop APM would relocate from the 2nd monitor to the 1st monitor when a full-screen application was run, causing Desktop APM's window to display at an incorrect size
- Fixed a bug where Desktop APM prevented another full-screen application running at a different resolution from maximizing if Desktop APM was recently minimized
- Fixed a bug where Timeline's bottom bar would become unclear when editing rules during a search
- Fixed a bug where Timeline's search input box would become misaligned when adjusting the Timeline window vertically
- Fixed a bug where Timeline tracked inactivity until midnight even if computer was not being used
- Fixed a bug where the benefits of upgrading were not displayed when choosing Upgrade from the main menu
- Fixed a bug where Desktop APM's tray icon did not appear when launching Desktop APM when it's already running

1.14 - released 2015-03-22

New Features:
- Search has been implemented for Timeline
- Timeline now sums the time spent on selected & searched items
- Timeline now averages APM on selected & searched items
- Timeline's APM & Mins columns are now sorted by highest to lowest when column title is clicked
- Added Timeline rule type: Rename & Exception, allowing renaming of exceptions
- Custom sound fx now support .ogg format

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where Timeline didn't update the most recent item if previous reports were viewed or the table was sorted
- Fixed a bug where clicking on the Desktop APM taskbar icon always showed window instead of toggling between minimise and maximise
- Fixed a bug where graph gridlines did not fade in and out properly
- Fixed a bug where clicking on graph item and selecting More Info did not work when Timeline was closed
- Fixed a bug where pressing the delete key deleted items in Timeline even when Timeline did not have focus
- Converted sound-fx to compressed .ogg format to reduce install file size

1.13 - released 2015-02-04

New Features:
- Interface has been redesigned and is fully now resizable
- Timeline can be filtered by minimum active time, minimum inactive time and minimum APM
- Timeline font size can now be increased, decreased or set to automatic
- Timeline now displays a tooltip on mouse-over to assist in reading long application names
- Provided detailed documentation under Main Menu -> About
- Reports can now be browsed with the left and right keys
- Default date format is now set based on Windows region settings rather than download location
- Sun animation can now be changed to the Moon, Earth or None by right-clicking on the icon
- Database can be repaired by selected Settings -> Advanced -> Data -> Repair Database

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug in Timeline whereby an application's start time plus minutes-in-use sometimes exceeded the start time of the next application
- Fixed a bug where two Desktop APMs could run at the same time, increasing the chance of data corruption
- Fixed a bug where clicking Graph Bar -> More Info sometimes highlighted the incorrect item

Backwards Compatibility:
- Timeline data created in version 1.13 is not compatible with previous versions

1.12 - released 2014-10-07

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where clicking on the tray icon or windows taskbar icon would sometimes not bring Desktop APM to the front
- Fixed a bug where data optimiser would not backup bolded dates in the calendar date browser
- Fixed a bug where Live APM could show when the calendar is set to a previous date

1.11 - released 2014-09-30

New Features:
- Total active time for weeks, months and years are now shown on the graph mouse-over
- Voice alerts can now be selected with the choice between male, female or custom sounds
- Timeline data can now be exported to a tab-delimited text file
- Inactive time is now saved in Timeline as - inactive -
- Average APM and Live APM are now shown in the system tray by hovering the mouse over the tray icon
- Minimum inactive time can be adjusted in Timeline Options
- Hotspot visualisation darkens the background for better visibility
- Load times have been reduced significantly
- Compression reduces the amount of hard-drive space APM data takes up
- Advertising has been removed to encourage more long-term users

Bug Fixes:
- Inactive time no longer accumulates when there are mouse movements
- Application names are no longer shortened to 128 characters
- Adjustments to the column widths in Timeline are now saved when Desktop APM closes
- Fixed a bug where the week graph labelled the beginning of months incorrectly
- Improved the Yearly APM calculation for a more accurate value
- Fixed a bug in Timeline where a duplicate line would briefly appear when browsing from a previous date back to today

Backwards Compatibility:
- Data created by version 1.11 is not compatible with previous versions. Version 1.11 converts your data to a highly compressed format that is not compatible with version 1.10 or below. Should you need to downgrade, data from previous versions is backed up in the AppData/Roaming/DesktopAPM/Backup folder.

1.10 - released 2014-06-14

New Features:
- Timeline data can now be copied to the clipboard with Control-C or Right-Click & Copy
- All items can now be selected in Timeline by pressing Control-A
- Graph information can now be deleted with Right-Click & Delete

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where Most Inactive Time could be reset when exceeding 1 hour
- Fixed a bug where the Timeline window could undock if the title bar was clicked but not repositioned

1.09 - released 2014-05-14

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where dragging the Desktop APM window around when Timeline was open caused the cursor to stay as a 4-pointed-arrow until the mouse overlapped a button

1.08 - released 2014-05-10

New Features:
- Redesigned Desktop APM's user interface for increased readability
- Provided icons for graph mouseovers
- Provided a smart grid for easy interpretation of Dekstop APM's graph
- Provided docking for Timeline
- Provided Total Inactive time for each day
- Selecting Live APM while browsing previous reports now forces the date back to today

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where the graph would briefly flash between light and dark colours in the minutes view
- Fixed a bug where the graph would switch back and forth between light and dark colours while browsing through days
- Fixed a bug where Live APM had a 1 second delay
- Fixed a bug where uninstalling Desktop APM Pro and installing a new version caused the program to forget the product key
- Fixed a bug where application names weren't listed in the graph until the program was in use for 15 minutes or more
- Fixed a bug where Timeline sometimes showed minutes as a decimal values
- Fixed a bug where Applications would sometimes be added to Timeline before the minimum focus time has been reached

1.07 - released 2014-04-05

New Features:
- Achieving a target now places a tick above the relevant graph bar
- Installer now has a checkbox to run the program after installation

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where the application name listed when hovering over a graph would sometimes wrongly display an application that was in use many hours ago
- Fixed a bug where targets weren't showing on the live apm graph
- Fixed a bug where clicking the date forward button rapidly could result in browsing to tomorrow's date
- Fixed a discrepancy in Timeline 'Time' and 'Mins' columns that would sometimes occur when toggling between many applications within a short amount of time
- Fixed a bug where a day's Start Time occasionally didn't save
- Fixed a bug where Desktop APM would still launch on Windows start-up if the program had been uninstalled while running in the background
- Fixed a bug where Desktop APM would sometimes not accept a valid Product Key unless it was run as administrator

1.06 - released 2013-11-07

New Features:
- Implemented an option to adjust the minimum focus time required for an application to appear in Timeline (press the White Arrow in the top-left of Timeline and select Minimum focus time...)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where switching between 1 digit dates and 2 digit dates would cause the date text to briefly misalign

1.05 - released 2013-10-28

New Features:
- Implemented a close button in the top right corner of the tutorial

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where Desktop APM Pro users would sometimes see ads
- Fixed a bug where decimal hours would display when hovering the mouse over the top APM bar
- Fixed a bug where Timeline would flicker every second when displaying a large amount of data
- Fixed a bug where calendar sometimes wouldn't bold dates after using the View Today button
- Fixed a bug where tool-tips and graph mouseovers would display on top of the tutorial
- Fixed a bug where the sun animation would go the wrong way after using the View Today button

1.04 - released 2013-10-13

New Features:
- Implemented a mouse-hover that provides Active Time and Start Time / Finish Time
- Minutes graph now shows the current hour in the text below

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where calendar didn't bold dates correctly
- Fixed a bug where deleting APM data didn't delete bold dates in the calendar
- Fixed a bug where clicking on a graph button would sometimes select the wrong button
- Fixed a bug where the data optimiser didn't backup APM files before optimisation

1.03 - released 2013-10-05

New Features:
- Implemented data optimiser that reduces start-up times and load times by up to 4x
- Optimised how Desktop APM stores application names for reduced load times
- Calendar now loads from its own specially created file, greatly improving month browsing speeds
- Increased text-size under the graph for live apm and hours/minutes to improve readability

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where Desktop APM was sometimes not saving all data the first time it was run
- Fixed a bug where Timeline could become stuck off-screen when reducing screen resolution or removing dual monitors
- Fixed a bug in the tutorial where clicking in the wrong spot could show the upgrade menu
- Fixed a bug where the sun animation goes the wrong way the first time you browse a report
- Fixed a bug where a white box briefly appeared at the bottom-right on startup
- Fixed a bug in calendar where today's date was sometimes not bolded when browsing months

1.02 - released 2013-09-29

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where the Desktop APM window would scale incorrectly after screen resolution change

1.01 - released 2013-09-28

New Features:
- Simplified the tutorial and provided more detailed descriptions for each tutorial item

1.00 - released 2013-09-22

- Desktop APM released